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Neck pain, tension in your neck make you suffer regularly?

Do you have a frequent stiff and sore neck that plagues your life?
All day long, your neck is stressed whether you are at work or at home.
Our Relax Neck ™ cervical collar will relieve you quickly and effortlessly.

Thanks to our smart RelaxNeck ™ neck massager, you will take care of your cervicals Our RelaxNeck ™

cervical collar is easy to use, it will relieve you quickly and effectively from the first sessions.

Thanks to its patented system, electromagnetic pulses give you well-being and relaxation by penetrating 3 to 5 centimeters under the skin.

This system opens up pain points and meridians to reduce pain in the cervical spine.

These 2 contact zones, these 3 modes and these 15 massage speeds make it an effective and formidable massager against pain.

Brand Name: KWD
Model Number: P-44
Size: Multi Size SML
Material: ABS & TPR
Application: NECK
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Model Number: Neck massage
Charging mode: USB
Built-in lithium battery capacity: 1600mAh
Function1: Constant temperature massage
Function2: Relax muscles and bones
Function3: Accelerate blood circulation
Function4: Relieve cervical pain
Function5: Neck massage