Shipping & Handling

Please allow 5 business days to process your Non Pre-order selection. A lot of times your order may ship in 1-2 business days upon ordering but we ask for up to 5 business days to be safe, as some items are made upon order. A lot of orders may be custom, and we can not rush perfection. If you require RUSH shipping, there may be an additional production fee along with an additional shipping fee by the carrier of your choice. Please keep in mind we cannot control rush delivery fees by the shipping carrier. All RUSH orders should be called in first to confirm accuracy of inventory. Please do not order rush items without consulting with one of our associates. We need to confirm it can be done before you purchase to avoid disappointment or your funds being held. Being that we are online and considered 24 hours, it can be possible for inventory to not be completely accurate. Our regular standard shipping is Priority Mail by USPS, 2-3 business day delivery (including Saturdays) AFTER we ship your package. The shipping fee added to your cart includes, the weight of the product, tracking number confirmation, shipping and handling. Please note we do offer free shipping on orders that spend $500 and up(only in the U.S.) International shipping is not offered free shipping. Once a package has shipped, please note that is not responsible for any potential delay after item has been sent as it is provided by the carrier and may vary with package origin and destination. The selection of shipping options are available to you upon checkout. All packages require a signature, if you would like to remove we can do so after a release form is filled out and returned via scan/email or fax!

Should we run into a problem where our risk department flags your order, this will delay your order. This happens when something is wrong with the information you inserted at the time of checkout. Whether, it came up as incorrect billing information, or CVV code, or as a possible fraudulent transaction, we may ask for a credit card card authorization form be filled out and sent back to us. Click on this link: and return it to us as soon as possible. Please understand that having a mismatch in the billing and shipping address you provide can delay your order.


Standard Priority Shipping ($14.00-$56.00) 

This selection means you will receive your shipment 2-3 business days AFTER we ship your package. If your package can ship the same day, it will arrive 2 or 3 business days later. If we ship your package 2 business days later, it'll arrive 2 or 3 business days later. And so on, and so forth. Standard shipping is NOT a guaranteed service. Although 95% of the time our customers receive their package in 2-3 business days, USPS standard priority shipping does not guarantee 2-3 business day shipping. For more guaranteed shipping, please select rush shipping.



Rush/Overnight Shipping ($50.00 - $70.00, and sometimes higher)

We get a lot of customers who wait last minute to order, and expect us to work miracles. This is the shipping method for you. Not only will you get your package the next business day after it ships, but it's guaranteed by the Post Office of your choice (USPS or FEDEX). We guarantee to do our job to ship the package, and they guarantee having your package delivered the following business day. They have either early morning deliveries, or by noon. These packages are mainly signature required packages, and someone needs to be home to sign for it. We ask that you only select this shipping method if you absolutely have to have your package the following business day. So please try your best to order sooner than later. Rushing a package is recommended only for returning customers or customers who are sure of their size. We want our customers to be happy with sizing of our items and have ample time to return/exchange if need be. Angel Brinks Fashion is not responsible for you rushing your order and the selection of your size. If you paid this amount for International shipping, this amount does not apply for rush shipping. This amount is standard pricing for International shipping. We do however, do our best to ship ASAP, selecting DHL at checkout may cost more, but its the absolute best tracking method since some issues can arise with International packages.


Expedited/Overnight/Rush Delivery

Please keep in mind when selecting overnight delivery with Fed Ex, DHL, or USPS, we are not responsible for any problems that may occur should the package not arrive on time. Although they are extremely reliable, and promise a certain day and time guaranteed, anything can happen. We do our part and make sure we get your package to them on time, but we do not work for the shipping carriers so we can't be responsible for their mishaps. If a problem should occur we will assist you in every way that we can, but please call them first.

International Orders

The website is equipped to process international orders. However, depending on the weight of the product, quantity, and location, prices may vary. If this should happen, whatever you paid for shipping in your shopping cart will be used towards the final shipping amount. Please make sure to provide an accurate email and phone number. Also please keep in mind, Clubbygirls Fashions is not responsible for any duty fees or delays that may occur from the international shipping company. 


In the event of a return, please take the time to fill out the back of your receipt along with the return. We would like to know the reason for the return so we can better serve our customers. When initially trying on your Angel Brinks fit, please try them on delicately. We inspect each and every single item before they are shipped, as they are carefully hand folded one by one, with gloves. The more careful you are trying them on, the less issues can arise. We no longer will be processing refunds as of January 2020.


Upon returning your item, please follow these guidelines:

1. Please make sure the item has not been worn, and all tags are attached. We sell out of our items so quick that there is someone else most probably wanting what you are returning. In some cases this may have happened to you. So we ask that you return the item nicely so that another customer can buy a non-used/worn item.

2. Your package must be postmarked within 7 business days after receiving the item from Angel Brinks Fashion (which can be determined from tracking your item).

3. When shipping your return, please return the package with USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Tracking is important to prove you shipped it back. USPS also offers free envelopes with Priority Mail. 
There are 3 ways to process your return:
Easiest Way: Log onto and at bottom of any page you get on, you'll see at the very bottom right hand corner RETURNS. Click on RETURNS and process your return in 2 minutes!
Old Way: Send the receipt back with your exchange, and we'll process it manually for you when we get it. Only draw back is, by the time your return comes back to us, your new selection/size might sell out.
Please allow up to 2 days to process your return. We receive our mail in the afternoon, so it may take the following business day to start the process. 

If you have any questions in regards to this, please call 336 077 144 27. Thank you for your cooperation. All merchandise must be received back in its original form. It must not be worn, altered or damaged. In the event of a return, shipping and handling charges of returned merchandise are not refundable. 

Custom Orders

If you require anything custom, size, or design, please call 336 077 144 27 for a consultation. All custom orders or sizes, can take up to 5 business days to produce. Shipping is still 2-3 business days after that, for all RUSH orders please call in.

There are 3 ways to process your return:
Easiest Way: Log onto and at bottom of any page you get on, you'll see at the very bottom right hand corner RETURNS. Click on RETURNS and process your return in 2 minutes!
Old Way: Send the receipt back with your exchange, and we'll process it manually for you when we get it. Only draw back is, by the time your return comes back to us, your new selection/size might sell out.
Traditional Way: Call us, and we'll process your return for you manually over the phone, +336 077 144 27